Running through the Obama legacy

22-Nov-2016 #India-US Source: India Inc
Nisha Desai Biswal as the Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, US Department of State, is at the heart of foreign policy affairs in Washington DC. Despite a hectic schedule in the lead up to the elections, she took time out for ‘India Global Business’ to track the legacy President Obama is likely to leave behind and what lies in store for India-US ties under a new leader. How much of the recent US-India bonhomie is because of the personal chemistry between President Obama and Prime Minister Modi? The strategic partnership between the United States and India is anchored on the premise that our two democratic, pluralistic, and secular societies share many of the same attributes and aspirations. Yes, the two leaders share a rapport, but it is that premise that led President Obama to characterise the relationship as a defining partnership of the 21st century. And it isn’t just the relationship between our two leaders that defines the partnership – it is also the millions of human ties that link us together. There are over 3.4 million Indian-Americans living in the United States. Indians are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States and one of the most economically successful. Thousands of Indians come to the US every year to work and study. Some stay on to become US citizens and others return to India to start businesses and raise their families. Each represents a link between our countries. The two leaders’ personal chemistry has certainly boosted bilateral ties and a sense of common purpose, but our partnership with India preceded that relationship and will continue to grow based on broad, bipartisan support. Login/Sign up to Read more...
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