Making Donald Trump a friend of India

22-Dec-2016 #India-US Source: India Inc
by Rajiv Kumar India will do well to take the initiative in correcting the anomalous situation of Indo-US B2B relations and take some immediate steps to project itself as a willing and receptive partner for a Trump presidency, writes a foreign policy expert. Donald Trump, the first billionaire, to have been elected POTUS, defied all pollsters’ forecasts and cleavages in the Republican party by striking a chord with US voters anxious about their future in a rapidly changing world. He is now defying all predictions about the nature of his administration by making pronouncements that are diametrically opposed to his campaign rhetoric and by picking a team that is as ‘Republican’ as it can get. It is full of people for whom US foreign and domestic economic policy must cater to advance the global interests of US Inc. It is rather evident that President Trump, like his several Republican predecessors, will keep the US business interests foremost in his domestic policy and in designing US relations with other countries. Perhaps more than ever before, US Inc’s business and commercial interests will exercise overarching influence in the design and execution of US foreign policy. Login/Sign up to read more..
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