Is India really Donald Trump’s ‘true friend’?

15-Feb-2017 #India-US Source: India Inc
by Pramit Pal Chaudhri There are not too many countries towards whom the new United States President, Donald Trump, has shown a consistently friendly demeanour. India is one of them. As Trump told Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his most recent phone conversation to New Delhi, he saw India as a “true friend”. India is seen, strategically, as a kindred spirit by President Trump and his team. However, the indications are that no country will receive a free pass when it comes to Trump’s core nationalist economic concerns. In other words, Indian businesses should brace for some damage to their bottomlines under a Trump administration. But the evidence is that India will make gains elsewhere and that, of all countries, India will be among the least affected by Trump’s barriers to trade and immigrants. The greater worry for any Asian government is the lack of a strategic framework in the US’ dealing with a continent where military solutions are still acceptable and multilateral bodies are weak. Login/Sign up to read more...
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