Indian Accent forays into US

08-Mar-2016 #India-US Source: India Inc
India’s leading restaurant, Indian Accent, has opened its first international branch in New York, offering “inventive” Indian cuisine that combines global ingredients and techniques with authentic Indian flavours. Rohit Khattar, chairman of Old World Hospitality, who founded the restaurant, said: "We have been evaluating multiple opportunities to open another Indian Accent, but none have been as exciting and promising as New York City. We have just opened and hope that New York too shall embrace our inventive Indian cuisine.” Currently, the firm operates two convention and performing arts centres and two hotels in the NCR region and over 40 restaurants across India. Indian Accent chef Manish Mehrotra said: "It's a great time for modern Indian food, both in India and overseas. We are delighted with the way our beautiful interiors have shaped up and excited that our food is being appreciated so much in New York."
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