India Inc. Interview: Simplifying cloud for Start-up India

25-Feb-2016 #India-US Source: India Inc
BEn India inc Ben Uretsky is the CEO of DigitalOcean, a cloud service provider that is dedicated to simplifying web infrastructure. In this exclusive interview, he tells India Inc. about the company’s plans to plug into the vibrant start-up ecosystem in India with innovative cloud technologies. What is the appeal of the Indian market for DigitalOcean? India is experiencing a boom of entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Over 4,000 upstarts launched last year alone, and that number is projected to jump to around 11,500 by 2020. We offer the world’s most simple cloud infrastructure at the best value in the industry. That means new businesses can scale their applications easier than ever before. Is the Indian market ready for your cloud services; what are your plans for the market? We launched DigitalOcean back in 2012 because we felt the other major cloud providers were too complex and too expensive. As developers ourselves, we felt the need for a straightforward solution that offered a better user experience. Today, developers and start-ups in India have the advantage of transitioning away from bare metal and going straight to the developer-focused cloud. We are seeing already that software developers are key decision makers throughout India, in terms of what tools should be used and what infrastructure should be used, and we believe DigitalOcean is the best option. What makes DigitalOcean stand out among the fast multiplying cloud providers? We have a different approach from other cloud providers. The key is simplicity. We are always thinking about the individual user and their experience. We’ve created a beautiful control panel and straightforward API for managing and configuring servers; our pricing model is transparent and predictable; and we’ve created a community platform where anyone can come to learn more about handling infrastructure. What is the company's overall global growth strategy? Our global strategy is simple: we want to go where DigitalOcean can have the greatest impact. So we ask ourselves a few questions: How many software developers are in the region? What are their local privacy and data concerns? What other cloud services are already serving the community? How far is the region from a datacentre we already have? etc. By looking at these questions, we are able to figure out where we should go next. India Inc. is a media partner of the Surge Conference
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